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Like the title says... my (soon to be) brother-in-law is selling his 1998 240SX SE

$7k obo
- Automatic.
- Stock except for intake.
- 130k miles.
- Tires / brakes are a couple months old, but not in need of replacing immediately.
Exterior is in very nice shape, few dings and scrapes here and there, nothing major.
- Car is in Coral Springs, FL. (his parents own a car transportating company and if you are on the east coast, its possible to arrange for the car to be shipped. They have contact with companies that can run other places, but to the NE would be the cheapest.)
- He's had it now for less than a year i think, but wants something bigger now.

He's taking more pictures (recent - mine are old) for me that I will post up soon.

Post an questions, offers, here, or email and I can put you in touch with the seller (he's not a member) - I know he's pretty motivated to sell this in the near future.

Thanks for looking,


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Seen and drove the car, buyer has nothing to worry about this car was very well taken care of
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