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NAME (First and Last) : Nick T
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: *Optional
LOCATION: Milwaukee, WI

Here is another upgraded differential for sale.
Template is the same as others + even more upgrades on this one.
PRICE - $1800 - Includes Shipping
This one is a a 3.73 ratio. (29 spline)
It also has all the normal upgrades I perform on these.
This diff is $300 more than typical due to the cost of the parts to convert to 29 spline.
No additional labor (which is required) was tacked on to the cost to make the swap over.

Some significant differences with this differential:
-I converted the typical 27 spline OEM R&P to a larger & stronger 29 Spline.
-The pinion flange is also upgraded as you can see to match this larger diameter pinion.
-I located a source to get new upper mounting studs, this diff came with none. But now has 2 again! :D

Nothing is rushed on any of these I diffs I rebuild.
This diff includes the following:
-Swapped OEM 27 spline 3.91 R&P to a stronger 29 spline 3.73 R&P
-New matching larger pinion flange, pinion nut & seal.
-Solid Pinion Collar – Crush Sleeve Eliminator
-WEIR LSD Max Grip Kit #1 – Increase LSD Breakaway Torque
-Special Order Toyota Carrier Bearing Shims – Properly Set Backlash & Carrier Bearing Preload
-New Pair of Koyo Pinion Bearings
-New Pair of Koyo Carrier Bearings
-New Toyota Pinion Nut
-All new Toyota Oil Seals
-Both Drain and Fill Plugs - New Crush Washers
-New LSD Oil Sticker!
-Completely Cleaned & Case Sprayed w/ 500°F Paint
-Rear Aluminum Cover has been Sandblasted and Clear-coated!
-New Toyota Vent
-Complete Side shafts are included
-New Upper Rear Mount Studs (For securing to subframe)
-All specifications and detailed instructions for break in are included as well.

Differential breakaway torque was measured at 95 ft/lbs after rebuild.
As received it was 25 ft/lbs so nothing out of the ordinary.
All the preload, backlash, contact pattern & fasteners torque are set to their corresponding factory specifications.
As mentioned in previous for sale posts of these:
I am also now using loctite bearing shaft retaining compound as preventative measure against spun carrier bearings.
I have come across too many of these diff's now with that issue.
So the rebuilds I am doing now will all include this to prevent that moving forward.

I will post up more photos here shortly.


1987 Toyota Supra
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Also I can refund back the core cost $ if you send me back a good diff.
Forgot to mention that in the 1st post.
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