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1990 300zx twin turbo, 5-speed, t-top, 105,xxx miles, leather, chrome wheels, pearl yellow paint



Car was owned by a dentist in California. I just recently brought it here to michigan with me a few weeks ago. Car is in BEAUTIFUL condition as the pics below show. There isnt much I can say that the pics don't show, the car is great.

It is bone stock, never been modified. The previous owner ran like 89 octane or whatever california's grade below 92 is. I would imagine that would help prolong the life of the turbos as with less than optimal octane you cant boost very high. Running it with my local 94 pump, the car is strong and runs great, especially when you feel those turbos realy kicking in.

The car has been dealership maintained, with reciepts to show. Synthetic oil every 3,000. New tires, new water pump, new clutch, new intercooler hoses...

With the mileage there is some slight wear on the driver seat and the driver door panel where you might rest your elbow. On the spoiler is the only paint flaw, a bubble, you can see in the picture below.

The previous owner installed aftermarket speakers as the stock ones were worn. I am not sure what brand, but they are loud :). I can look at it you would like. He also had an aftermarket headunit and an amplifier for the speakers installed.

I have a copy of the carfax report I can give upon request.

I am willing to work on the price, I need to sell this quickly.

You can reach me by PM, Email ([email protected]), or cell phone (5176732625). If I do not answer, please leave a message as I might call back from another line.

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