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What is your First & Last name? Chris Kim
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I was cleaning out the storage unit I have and decided that it is time to move all the little parts for the mkiii that I have. If you dont like the prices make me offers. Prices include shipping but if you use paypal please add the fee to the price.

First up is the 5 spoke mkiii wheels that came on 91 and 92 supras. They are in good condition and the previous owner painted the centercaps black. Unless you like the look, the centercaps will have to be repainted. Individual pics of the wheels are below. $300 Shipped to lower 48 states

Next I have one piece of the 3 piece spoiler for the 89+ supras. This is drivers side part of the spoiler that goes on the rear quarter panel. The part is red but the paint is not in good condition and will probably require a repaint. 20 Shipped

Lastly I have the center section of the 89+ taillights. You can see that there is a very small crack towards the bottom right part and it goes up the side a little bit. There is also a scuff mark towards the top and I have included a picture of this as well. 30 shipped
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