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hi i have some used parts for sale and looking to clean up my garage.

6 SPEED DIFFERENTIAL (WHOLE PUMPKIN)- the differential needs a rebuild, it has a broken side retainer cover, diff cover has a crack, gear and pinion has a little grinding on few teeths(may still be good or not depends on you), broken lsd. The cast housing or pumpkin and everything else is in great shape no flaws.
looking for $400 - or $50 more can add good working stock LSD

STOCK 6 SPEED TORSEN LSD- in good working condition, on broken teeth, no grinds, - $125

RPS CLUTCH and LIGHTWEIGHT FIDANZA FLYWHEEL- for the v160, this was in the car, so i dont have much info on it, went back with stock clutch and flywheel, $250 for both

93 DRIVER SIDE HEADLIGHT- lens dirty been sitting in garage for years, painted black inside.- $25

ERBUNI VENTED FIBERGLASS HOOD- painted custom white, fits like stock, uses stock hood latches, spider web cracks near latch area. $100

9006 HIDS- they are k-light brand, 6000k bulbs, plug and play, works great, white color- $50

18" RACING HART C2- 3pc rims, 18x8.5, 9.5 5x114.3, no center caps, tires lots of camber wear, lots of curb rash, clears tt calipers, fronts are flush, rears fit like stock tt rims, - $400

TT caliper- just ONE FRONT, needs rebuild, not in greatest conditon someone might need a paper weight. -$20

clearing space in garage, so all must go


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would the HID's work on other cars? are they a universal plug and play?
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