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V160 6 speed, approximately 50k miles.. Bought from a friend a few weeks ago to replace my 90k mile 6 speed with, but decided I don't need/want it. No leaks, no grinds to my knowledge. Asking $3000.

6 speed Supra rear, 3.13 ratio, fluid changed every 3k miles with Redline Heavy Shockproof, no leaks, doesn't whine.... $1500

6 speed Supra axles... $400

6 speed Supra driveshaft... $400

Tilton Triple Carbon clutch kit with the heavier flywheel (better for drag racing and street use). Only been in the car for a few months, since late Jan.-early Feb. $3800.

Any other 6 speed parts that a TH400 conversion doesn't need will also be available.

Prices are obo. Prefer not to ship the big stuff, so Im posting it in the local section :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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