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hey guys I saw this thing the yesterday, he stopped by the dealership that I worked at and got a good look at it. From what I saw it is in really good condition .
Here's my assesment:

Good things:
Engine ran and idled really nicely
Car did not look abused at all
Like he mentioned the interior is good condition
Stock aside from the mentioned mods

here is what would need a little work:
The paint would look really good with a good detail/cut & polish
There is a very small amount of surface rust on the driver side rear fender (probably wouldn't cost that much to get removed)
two of clips on the rear side mouldings seem to have broken

All in all I think this car is a good buy, especially being a 92, only minor things to fix and the seller is a good guy easy to talk to about the car. From what I think would be flexible with the price if he finds the right buyer. Come on guys someone buy the car!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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