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I have an 87 supra n/a auto for sale. has 156,027.4 miles on it. I was going to strip it and make it a dedicated drag car, but i bought a house instead. It DOES run, but not driveable. i had to steal some small parts for my car.

The bad..
1. has trans leak probably cooler lines pinched or rusted through
2. missing rear seats and pass. seats and tail light socker assy's.
3. has electrical deamon somewhere. i was driving it home and lost all electronic gauges and then had to shift manually
4. a front caliper is bad, but i will throw in a good caliper for each side

The good..
1. the interior that is in there is really nice
2. the body is a paint job short of perfect no penetrating rust, just surface corrosion on a scratch on the left rear quarter
3. it DOES run, i drove it home and before you buy i will start it for you
4. great for parts but with the condition of the exterior, it would be an exceptional fixer - upper

I am located in Terre Haute, Indiana
Im asking $500 for the car.
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