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Name: Dennis Chu
Phone number: PM for phone number
Email/MSN: [email protected]
Location: Buena Park, CA or Las Vegas, NV
AIM: snowyhusky88
Payment Preference: Cash, Wire Transfer, Cashier's Check
Item: 1987 Toyota Supra NA Auto
Price: $4,500, if you can convince me to lower it then try

Two Supras is not neccessarily better than one when parking is starting to become a problem. The reason why it's in two locations is because I may leave it in Vegas or OC. I play musical cars between the two locations and most socalsupra owners know why. I have since put less than 10K miles on it since I rebuilt EVERYTHING in 2004, and since I don't drive it very much, I hate to bring myself to sell it.

Disclaimer: First, based on the pictures, these items WILL NOT be included. The 18" Racing Sparco rims and almost new tires, the rear hatchvisor, the rain gaurds, Pioneer AVIC D2 Nav, rear sub box, JDM bubble markers or carbon fiber hood. These are extra if you want them.

However, there are two items which are not on the pictures WILL be included. 16" Lexus SC rims with 80% remaining Yokohama tires, and 89+ black mouldings all around. I will take updated pictures later along with interior.

The car has a clean carfax, clean title, in hand. And I have reciept for almost everything I did.

Body: A little about the car, as you can see from the pictures it's Supra clean! It comes with a fake bomex front bumper, real Kaminari side skirts and rear bumper. The car has been resprayed pearl white at Earl Schieb. Not a bad paint job but they did paint all the moldings. The driver door hinges were replaced brand new from the dealer since the door was sagging a bit.

89+ Upgrades: I tried to convert as much as I can to an 89+. The moldings, although are black painted, are 89+ (including the middle piece of the 89+ 3 piece tail lights) The interior also has an 89+ blue interior with no rips or tears. It also has an 89+ after market 3 pc wing. Even the climate control and mirrors are 89+.

Engine: Mechanically the car is perfect. Everything works. AC, heater, everything. The NA motor was replaced with a JDM motor, but still had BHG. So I rebuilt the head, included a 3 angle valve job with port and polish. It has an HKS 1.2mm head gasket and ARP head studs. It has 2 new fuel injectors, as well as all the CARB smog equipment since the car didn't come with it when the JDM motor was installed with BHG. Every gasket, hose and seal was replaced. New OEM Koyo Radiator, water pump, timing belt, plugs wires, new speedo cable also all new when I did the motor in 2004. (I have receipts for everything).

Suspension, Brakes and Drive train: The car also has new KYB OEM suspension on RSR lowering springs. I also had new brembo brake rotors and akebono pads installed on all 4 corners in 2005. The drive shaft was unbalance so that was rebalanced, and tranny soleniod was bad so I replace the tranny and put in a brand new torque converter.

Exhaust: The car has a new Catco cat and a 5Zigen exhaust welded on. (The exhaust was for a Honda Accord that was sitting at my shop) :evil2:

Interior and Stereo: As I mentioned earlier it come with an almost pristine 89+ blue interior. Even the inserts match the seats. Only the piping is worn through on the drivers seat. No stains, tears. I replaced the brake boot with a brand new one. Stereo. The car is wired for an BOSS amp which I will include. However, the harness is cut. So you will need to hardwire whatever stereo you decide to put in, but it's just ground, pos and neg, a 3 wire job since the car is already wired for an amp. I will even include the trunk amp for a box. Steering wheel is a Momo Evo2 in blue and silver, the gauges has a stainless overlay with indiglo

As you can tell, I am anal retentive. I was the mechanic for everything and all socalsupra owners can tell you about the shop I work for. (Before driftmotion was driftmotion, Aaron and Jose would come by, and they has some work done) Anything I couldn't do myself, I would have the ASE Cert mechanic do for me.

The bad: These are things that have always bugged me but I have never gotten around to it.
-The oil pressure on the guage cluster acts funny. Works when cold, doesn't work when warm. I already replaced the gauge AND the oil sender unit. No good. I will include an aftermarket guage in a Greddy pillar pod. But it has not been connected.
-The interior door panal are not torn, but is bubbling a little. The interior door panel is from the 87, so there is an indent on the insert from where the 89+ door handle was.
-As you can tell the front bomex bumper doesn't sit perfectly. It needs some work, never got to it.
-There is 1 small unnoticeable scratch on the passenger side wing, and another one on the gas door. I will provide touch up paint.
-There is one small crack on the passenger side 89+ tail. It doesn't leak, and it might not bug you. But I am mentioning it.

This car WILL PASS CA SMOG no problems. This car is mechanically perfect and you can tell I spent way more than what I am asking for. It's frame is straight and is a perfect candiate to have a 1J or 2J transplant after you smog. I will ship this car at your expense anywhere in the US using DAS. I am a moderator on so you can be assured I follow through on all my deals.

I don't want to sell this but I'm getting a 1999 SC400. And I need the parking. (thus the rims :icon_razz ) Two Supras are redundant. Contact me if you have any questions.

Man I am tired from typing all that!

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