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The car is close-to perfect and I just finished cleaning it up but if I can get $15K CAD or $12K USD, it'll be worth my while to part with it, as I have my eye on another toy. I'll be happy to drive it to any US border crossing between Montreal and Niagara falls.
  • 2nd owner
  • 60K kms (38K miles)
  • No mods
  • No issues
  • Everything works
  • Ice-cold A/C
  • Tires are almost new (Bridgestone Potenza)
  • No outstanding maintenance - brakes, steering, transmission etc.... everything works like brand new.
  • Underneath is 100% clean, solid metal. It was undercoated, it never saw winter and was a garage queen. Both subframes A-OK.
Not a project. It's a turnkey, reliable, low mile original survivor. I picked it up last year and used it as my daily until the snow flew. I pulled it out of storage last weekend and am using it as my daily again. If you want to see my 'buyer history' thread, it's here. It's a pretty boring story. I basically only had to clean-up the engine bay and put the stock wheels back on. See the history thread.

Tracks 100% straight accelerating and braking. I was amazed at the almost non existent body roll in the turns. I was expecting it to handle like an apartment building in a mudslide but was very pleasantly surprised. If I keep it long term, the only other thing I'd plan on is updating the shocks to get more supple ride.

It's a nice cruising car for someone like me (boring anti-modification weenie).

EDIT: I think it's fair to say that there aren't many MKIIIs left in this state of mileage / condition / original. I sure as heck haven't seen one like this since back in the day.

About these pics: The car looks this good but it has not been detailed yet. If you see the history thread, so far, all I've done it remove a disgusting layer of undercoat from the engine bay. If you look at the engine itself and all the bits & pieces under there, nothing is shiny but it's just clean. If you look at the horn button and the dashboard, there have been no detailing / darkening products used yet - it's all just clean. There has been no paint correction or even a wax job. I will be starting on all these things next weekend though!





The license plate was a fluke! I didn't request that lol.





The OEM head unit is included.



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Cool, humanity-reaffirming story:

There's a guy my age (mid-fifties) nearby, who had an '87 back in the day, which he loved. He has two boys, 24 and 30. When the first was born in '91, he sold his beloved MKIII to lean out the budget.

The youngest contacted me about my ad. He's a mechanic, with a cherry '91 MR2 Turbo. The two boys want to buy Dad his old car! Meeting this weekend. I hope this is all as it appears, as that would be a very nice outcome for this car and that family.

...pop the hood!
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that would be a great outcome

glows and let us know what happens

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Well, if that heartwarming story was for real, I don't get why they never even called a 2nd time.

Fast forward two weeks and damn, these are a pain in the ass to list but I finally have two actual buyers in quick succession. One guy paid $400 to have a local appraiser come by, which was last week. I promised to hold the car for him til he gets the report, which he did today. He's supposed to bring his enclosed trailer out this week. The guy has some damned nice cars already but one that he's working on atm cracks me up.

Take what appears to be a clean 300C

Attack with sawzall, get rid of those pesky B pillars and a few other weight-saving measures


Start welding

Continue welding, omit a couple of doors and.....

I present Frankencharger! That's awesome lol.


While we were waiting for the appraisal, some other guy who apparently also has a bit of a collection called and no BS, wants to take it and add another $1000. I told him I promised the other guy so he has second dibs if the first guy falls through.

He already has a red MKIII but wants a twin for it.... like he has with his twin NSXs!!!!!!!

He has a second, silver one. A part of me almost hopes the first guy falls through because never mind an extra few bucks, the second guy will take me out for a rip in one of the NSXs.

Either he has one big garage or he only has a few of these out at a time. I need more money, apparently :(

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