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I have for sale a 92 Celica Alltrac For sale. These cars are extremely rare as there were only 1700 sold in the US from 1990-1993 and only 280 92s were sold. The car is AWD and turbo from the factory, toyota produced these so they could run in the WRC back in the day.

The cars has many mods to it and is an intercooler and a tune away for 350-400awhp. The mods are:

ATS 20g td06 Kit with Tial 38mm External wastegate
AEM EMS with 3.5 Bar map and IAT sensors
Wolfkatz top feed rail
Siemems 85lb Injectors
Aeromotive FPR & lines
Walbro fuel pump
HKS SSQV Blow off valve (pretty sure its a knock off though)
TTE Headgasket
ARP Head studs
Spec Stg 3 Clutch
XS Power Twin tip 3" exhaust no cats
Autometer Boost and Oil Pressure guages
PLX 250 Wideband (with gauge)
TRD Shift Knob
ASA 17x7 wheels with NEW Falken Ziex ZE-512 215/45/17 tires

The car is a bit of a project, but overall in Very good shape. The car could use a new set of seats (fronts are cracked) but the rest of the interior is in fairly good shape. There are a few scratches and chips in the hood the hood vents are faded, and there is a spot on the rear quarter that needs some work. There are also a few minor dents/chips here and there through out the rest of the body, but overall in very good shape.

Mechanically the car runs great, and everything works (sunroof, ac, ps etc). A/c blows nice and cold and is a must for FL imo. The drivetrain is solid, but the rear diff mount is bad and clunks around. Its the front mount on the diff and is ~ $60 to replace IIRC. The car does have the ABS & Airbag light on, but I recently switched out the steering wheel (not in pics) and is probably just that and needs to be cleared (will probably do before I sell). I have not checked the ABS code yet to see what that is. Might just be a bad/unplugged sensor. There is a big exhaust leak at the manifold as one of the studs is stripped. A simple helicoil will fix it, but I haven't ripped off the manifold and replaced it along with the gasket. The coolant temp gauge is also broke (Replaced the broke sensor, but the wire grounded and shorted out the motor for the gauge, simple junkyard one from any celica will work, just haven't replaced yet.) You can verify the coolant temp via AEM with a laptop so never was a big deal. It does not overheat with the a/c on in traffic or anything so thats fine. I have checked that out my self.

I have a base tune on the car and it runs well. The timing is very conservative as the stock TMIC is not up to the task at all (after a pull the IATs are 150+*F). But the car is currently running 11 psi wastegate and pulls nicely for the very conservative tune thats on it.

I bought a new project car and dont need this one anymore. I'm trying to sell it as is first so I dont have to put the time into it to fix (very little money to get the minor issues fixed on it) as I'm messing with my new project. Because of this I've price the car at a Very Reasonable $6500 FIRM.

As I said before, the car is an Intercooler and a tune away for 350-400AWHP. I dont think you can find any other car that is as rare nor as good of a bang for the buck around.

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It's nice, but I don't have the money/space right now.

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man i just wanna grab it and paint it white and slap rally stickers all over it, nice car, i love the 3SGTE

i think the 2jz and 3S are best motors created under god hahah
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