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Ok so here goes. It's a 92 White NA Supra, 5 speed, sunroof, power everything, red leather, air bags, alpine head unit with stock speakers it sounds awesome. Just had a full tune-up about 2k miles ago and i threw on a cone air filter. She has 134,825 miles on her. The whole motor was rebuilt ~10k miles ago and the clutch was also replaced. Brand new alternator and battery about 6 months ago. This is the 2nd supra i have owned my last supra was a 89 auto with a 1j in it. Besides speed this car is 10x better than my 89. The suspension is solid and it rides very smooth the steering is tight with no play whatsoever. It has some hail damage on the top of the car that occurred about a year ago. Most of the dings should be able to be popped out easily by a dent repair place i've just never messed with it.

Here's the VIN: JT2MA70M0N0160115 CLEAN TITLE

Here are some picts:

Picture of hail of damage:

Paint chips on front bumper:

Rear end:

Engine Shot:

I'm asking $4500

For more Detailed Pics[email protected]/4pF50a
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