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93.5 Hardtop Supra NA-T for Sale

For pics visit

~130k miles rebuilt motor with under 1k miles and rebuilt tranny with under 5k

Turbonetics 60-1(new and unused) with multiple housings, Custom Xtreme Boost Tubular Manifold, Tial Wastegate, Blitz BOV,440cc Injectors, Walbro 255 Fuel pump,HKS 2mm Headgasket, 24x12x3 FMIC(with 3" custom piping), Custom 3" Downpipe, 3" Xtreme Boost Midpipe, PHR Auto Tranny Cooler, GReddy turbo timer, EGR Blockoff plates, NGK Plugs, GReddy Profec B, K&N Intake, Jun cam gears, ARP Headstuds, AEM Wideband (new and in the box!), MapECU, Ultima Redtop battery, and probably a lot more im not remembering. Just look at the pics, all those parts are sitting outside the car. And the only ones needed to attach to get the car running are the turbo, and the downpipe, all the rest are extra.

Extra Parts:
Extra starter, auto tranny(works fine was going to use as a backup while I had the current tranny built to hold more power), ECU, NA-T Tubular Exhaust Manifold, Blown(but repairable) t04s 60-1, and probably lots of other NA-T parts.

Carbon Fiber Dash, Carbond Fiber Shifter, Carbon Fiber TRD Style Hood(has 2 cracks), Bronze Gram light wheels (less than 100miles on them and the tires), Rear Seat Removed with custom rear seat made carpet replacement, Sparco 5point Harnesses, Pioneer CD Player, 98 front headlights, and 98 tail lights, also many suspension parts upgraded and replaced parts such as the control arms with replaced ceramic bushings. The tranny has been freshly rebuilt and has a 3400rpm torque converter installed. White to Carbon Black Metallic paint job.

Story on the car:
Have owned the car since 2000, have been in the car scene in Central Florida for years, just ask many of the forum members from a few years back. Last year I graduated from college and started a full time job that takes up all my time. I no longer have time to work on the car. It is currently about 80-85% through an updated NA-T install. It was NA-T, but the motor blew, I had it fully rebuilt, and then it was running again, and then the turbo blew while having it tuned. So now I have all the new parts for it to be up and running, but had some fitament problems, and it needs someone who can do some machine work to make an adapter to adjust the turbo so it doesn't rub the shock tower(look at the photos). It has the oil lines run and all that, but just needs to get the turbo installed (it currently has a fitament problem).

So in order to get this car running, you will need to fabricate a part to get the turbo to fit with one of the two tubular exhaust manifolds. Or you can order a new Exhaust manifold or have one custom fabricated. Then you'd have to retune on the car. It would probably start and drive with the turbo installed, with the current map on the MAPECU, but it would need to be tuned in order to have it run smoothly.

The car has been sitting in my garage for about a year now, and hasn't been turned on or played with. So I would recommend flushing the fluids before running it after getting the turbo on.
With everything put together, Id estimate it would run around 400-425hp to the wheels. If you were to upgrade the injectors to a larger size, and put in a built tranny, it could easily go to 550hp.

Basically this car could use a lot of TLC, but if you were to spend a few weeks working on this, you would have a really nice supra, for very cheap.

It is really hard for me to put a price on this car, as I have put soooo much money into it (have about 12k worth of receipts and probably bought about 4k-5k worth of stuff in cash(or paypal) so no receipts there), and I have spent countless hours working on it. However, I am a realist, and I'm willing to put it up for 16k O.B.O. I feel like with it running the car would fetch around 20k+ because of all the mods, so I feel like 16k o.b.o is a fair price. Not too mention all the parts you could easily sell off the bat(the wheels being in ment near new condition could probably 1.5k alone, not to mention the ment turbo and the countless other parts that are just extra and you could sell for a good sum). I'm in no rush to sell, as I don't really need the cash, but just don't want it sitting in my garage any longer gathering dust. So please no stupid offers.

The car is currently in my garage in downtown orlando, florida (off delaney ave). I am willing to have the car towed, to anywhere in orlando(on my dime), but if you want it outside of orlando, you will have to arrange for towing or shipping yourself (if you need help I can have it towed to a shipper or something like that).

Josh Schofield
[email protected]


Forgot to mention that it has been in a few minor accidents over the course of its life. Nothing major and still has a good carfax report. The VIN is:JT2JA81L2P0004899

Thanks for looking!
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