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FS: 93' Ren. Red TT MKIV Auto **SOLD!!**

What is your First & Last name? Ringo Thinavongsa
What is your email? [email protected]
What is your City? : Montgomery
What is your State? : Alabama
What is your Zipcode? : 36110

Ad Description:



I am kind of testing the waters. I am in no obligation to sell the car, just money talks.

Title: CLEAN!!!!!

Mileage: 98,xxx

Paint: Original MINT!

This is a VERY clean Supra! Worked performed by SpeedForSale includes:
- MANY OEM Toyota maintenance parts (seals, gaskets, bushings, fluids, etc)
- Max-Air box with K&N filter
- Autometer electronic boost gauge
- HKS DLI ignition
- HKS Titanium Exhaust
- Titan cam gears
- Titan sway bars
- Titan polished upper radiator panel
- Titan polished upper radiator hardpipe
- Titan silver silicone lower radiator hose
- Megan Racing adjustable coilovers
- Megan Racing rear traction rods
- Megan Racing tie rod ends
- Fluidyne radiator
- Greddy Turbo Timer
- Greddy 3-Row Intercooler
- Apexi AVC-R
- black caliper paint with Supra logos
- Unorthodox polished lightweight pulleys
- 1998 headlights
- 1998 tailights
- 1998 turn signals
- 1998 air dam splitter
- 1998 rear emblem

Wheels: CCW Classics 18x10 fronts, 18x11 Rears (500 miles on them w/ receipts, NO FLAWS)
Tires: BFG KDW 265 Fronts, 295 Rears (only 500 miles on them, w/ receipts)

The Good: The car is a blast to drive. No problems, pulls great. The car is an attention whore. Compliments and stares everywhere you turn. Gets 25+mpg with COLD A/C!!!

The Bad: None

Price: $23,000 is my price. No Trades, No Low Balls. The car is mint and well maintained. No rush to sell! It may be higher than your average auto but with it being mint and so forth check my Trader Rating, buy with confidence!


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Has the car had a compression and leakdown test? What were the results?

I'm very interested in this car but with the mileage I'd be interested in those results before I took any money out for it.
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