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Just tryna feel out on this one... In the event that I cant get this car running, I will have to part ways with it. Getting kinda fustrated

Its a 93 sc300 5spd manual with turbo 1jz swap. 144k on chassis and probably around 50-60k on the motor. The car does not run, it cranks but it blows a fuse which wont allow it to start. It shouldnt be hard for an electrician to diagnose but Im tired of pouring money into this car. I dont feel like towing it again so its time to cut my loses and start over.

Was repainted RSP may 06
4300k Hid (not a plug and play kit)
Centerforce Stage 2 clutch (brand new replaced with the swap)
Supra TT eibach springs and struts
Magnaflow Mufflers
Full 97+ body conversion
Others I cant remember right now

Pm me for more info

P.s. I have Axis Hiro's that I havent put on... can be included for additional

PRICE???? MAYBE $6500 with rims, $5500 without?

I blow up Toyota's
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I'm in the same boat as you man

Seems like a good deal..Maybe post some pics of it up to help with the sale

GL :)
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