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I have thrown this thought around recently that I should probably sell this before I get myself into the same situation as last time(trying to make lots of power and always being broke-financially). So... here goes.

The Good:
2JZ-GE engine- exact same one in n/a Supras with exactly the same transmission. 700whp potential with just a 2mm headgasket and everything else stock.
1993 SC300 - 5 Speed
bought in Nov. '04 at 83k miles- stored for winter in MN
bought from AZ- no rust nor are there signs of rust starting
took car out of storage 2 months ago after all snow+ salt was gone
replaced green and plastic white bushings in the shifter so its nice and smoothe again(it wasn't that rough anyhow, but it is replaced now)
replaced tranny fluid with mobile1 synthetic 75/90 last week
changed oil at 3k intervals
car is washed twice a week, waxed when needed
everything is straight- interior is 9 out of 10
exterior is a 9 out of 10
engine has to be in great condition because it dyno'd 188whp /185tq 100% stock

Tein HR's all around lowered all the way
18x9 and 18x10 SSR D5R wheels on 245/40/18 285/35/18 Sumitomo HRTZII's - less than two months old +37 offset all around (2.75 inch lip in rear, 2.3 inch lip up front :p )
97+ tail lights
car is STOCK otherwise, untouched, unmolested.

the bad:
no CD changer, never worked when I bought the car, I can find a replacement one for the potentially interested buyer.
headlights fog up after car washes, but goes away after 2 days of driving.
small 1.5 inch tear in drivers seat. It was a crack when I bought it, but I guess the winter storage kind of killed it and made it crack more and eventually rip. I can replace the seats with good condition Supra TT seats if the buyer wants.

I'm not in a rush to sell this nor do I care if I do not sell it. If anyone wants it, or is interested, just let me know. I bought the car in November for $9700 after tax and registration. I drove the car for 3k miles from AZ to CA to here (MN) so that's why it seems that there's quite a bit of miles for the amount of time of me owning the car. The wheels and suspension and the cost of the car costed me well over $13k+ (plane ticket to get the car + gas to get back) but obviously I don't expect to get my money back. If you want the car the way it sits, I'm asking... :uh: $11,750 obo, pretty firm or $9k with stock suspension and stock 15" wheels.

Pics here:


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Nice car! But even with rims and some suspension $11 seems a little high for a 93 n/a! Not talking smack but there sc300's on here for about $13k with 1jz swaps!! Good luck with the sale though!!
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