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What is your First & Last name?:
-Pete Man
-What is your email?:
-peterman4 at
-What is your City? :San Diego
-What is your State? CA
-What is your Zipcode? : 92106

Asking $26,000
I'm selling my baby. I just haven't had the time to put my car back together after going from a NA-T to TT.
I'm not willing to part the car out or sell parts separately.

The good:
Car has 92,000 on chassis
US 2jzgte engine
6 speed tanny which was rebuilt by champion Toyota 0 miles on it since the rebuild
Total fuel system
AEM stand alone
Custom drive shaft
LSD rear
Polished intake and valve covers
Stillen polyurethane/ABS body kit installed.
Tons of extra parts cleaned head AEM adjustable CAM gears, carpet, back seats, dash pieces, valve covers, exhausts, manuals, headlights, gauges, etc.

The bad:
I never put everything back together in the car.
Car will need to be repainted painted it has damage near the drivers front door from being moved across country.

Just a guy who loves cars
94' Turbo, Targa, 6 spd, Ren Red.
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Is it running? Compression? Where did you get the engine? Clutch? Are you going to post interior pics? When was the car painted that blue? Why was it painted? What LSD is in it? What exhaust? And you're in the parts section vice the car section.
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Not open for further replies.