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JDM 1996.5 genuine "RZ Series II" non vvti.
Best and rarest combination being the Series 2 styling with the non-vvti 2JZGTE engine.
98,XXXkm (60,XXX miles) on the odometer (Full 100,000km service recently completed)

6 Speed V160 with Sound Performance Clutchmasters FX400 HD clutch (700whp capable) + OEM dual mass flywheel fitted less than 2000km ago
The transmission is very tight and appears to be in very good condition according to tristan at WTF Autos

Lexus ultrasonic Mica Blue paintwork as seen on the new Lexus IS-F completed <12 months ago from very experienced specialist, been in business over 18 years, many months to complete, no shortcuts, $7k value.

Engine and Fuel Mods:
Genuine Garrett GTX3076R with .82 Tial stainless v-band housing
Tubular manifold open T4 footprint
Tial 44mm External wastegate
GSC S1 cams + BC springs and retainers kit
Snow Performance stage 2 Water/Meth Injection kit (Water/Meth is very easy and inexpensive to source)
ID1000cc injectors on HKS fuel rail
Aeromotive Stealth in-tank 340L fuel pump
Works engineering Fuel pressure regulator
Blitz turbo timer
Haltech electronic boost solenoid
Haltech E-11v2 tuned by T & R Green

Interior Mods:
Genuine RZ Recaro seats (drivers is a full recaro fixed racing seat.)
TRD 320km/hr speedo
Blitz Boost Gauge
Blitz turbo timer
GPS tracker/remote fuel cut via sms installed (peace of mind for would be thieves that steal your keys)

Suspension and Handling Mods:
TRD lowered springs on yellow bilsteins
Front and rear strut braces
RZ heavy duty sway bars
Handling is superb, yet drivable without shattering your teeth

Exhaust and Breathing Mods:
Blitz NUR spec exhaust system from turbo to tip, all in stainless, sound is truly awesome.
Blitz 4" FMIC with full custom piping
Blitz Pod filter with 4" custom intake

Brembo F40 BBK
Project Mu floating slotted rotors
QFM Pads fitted
Rotors and pads replaced less than 7000km ago

Wheels & Tread:
Genuine Oz Racing Pegasus 3-piece 18" Italian made lightweight rims (expensive, actually made by Koenig for use on modified Ferraris)
Tyres are federal 595 semi slicks, 265/35 on the rear, and KU31's on the front.

Power and Performance
The car has made between 460-520whp at 27psi of boost (depending on the dyno and temperature)
Have since discovered some pretty major boost leaks which are currently being fixed, will re-dyno it after this.
It trapped just under 122mph down the 1/4 mile with the old setup (i.e less response and torque), so I expect it to trap similar if not a little faster. With some decent slicks and a good 60' launch time this would be a low 11 sec pass easy.

1460kg (3218 lb) as measured on the North Fremantle weigh bridge

The car was imported by Fabcar as a Twin Turbo bpu+ about 3 years back and they sold it to a girl here in Perth for like $34k. She lost her license and sold it to me a few months after. As you can see from the list of mods it's had some serious $$$ spent on it in Japan. It is in very good condition throughout. Nothing to spend. The big difference between this setup and many other single turbo supras out there is the low end torque and response. It is truly an awesome driving experience having usuable power from 3000rpm all the way to redline. A real pleasure to drive

I am asking $29,500 which considering what series-2 genuine RZ sell for these days (If you can find one), plus all the cost of the mods to get it where it is now is very reasonable. Don't be fooled into thinking that you can take a stock series two Twin Turbo and build your own cheaper. You can't. Buy this and save yourself the time and $$ and all the headaches and you will have an awesome Supra ready to go.

The car will be ready to pick up on the 8th of April. Inspections etc welcome before this. Serious buyers only. I have had my fair share of time wasters and will not entertain them. I have a few parties already interested via word of mouth, so contact me sooner rather than later.

Perth, Western Australia
Yes I know this is a North American Based forum, however I have noticed a few Canadians are starting to import JDM supras, so this is a fine, low milage example that could easily be imported.

PM or txt/call Madhav on 0406690912

A few pics

Will get a few shots of the interior and also some videos up over the weekend so you can hear the sound and see the car in action.

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Do you have any dyno sheets with this turbo? Wish I could buy the car. This is the exact turbo setup I'm thinking about.


PS beautiful car.
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