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Name: Danny T
Email: danny_mkiv at hotmail dot com
Location: Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Selling my brand new 1500hp e85 safe fuel system as I've decided to go mechanical pump route.

Everything is new and not run. The lines were installed on the car but never filled with fuel or run. They were put in to fab the fuel/brake line brackets.

Includes is as follows:

-Complete Billet intank hangar unit with magnaflow 4303 fuel pump. Just mount your OEM fuel level unit, wire it and it's a drop in installation.
Hangar is set up with -10 feed and -8 return

-10 teflon lined fuel feed line

-8 teflon lined fuel return line

-Mallory fuel pressure regulator with bracket and fuel press gauge and insulted teflon fuel line

-6" x 2" Fuel Filter with -10AN connectors, 40 micron stainless steel washable element, made for alcohol

-Magnafuel y block with -8 insulated fuel lines for fuel rail feeds

-TooPrecise Racing billet fuel/brake line clamps for OEM location installation.

Everything in the photos is included as outlined above.



1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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