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Hey guys,

I've been considering selling my 2000 BMW 323i for some time now. So I figured I'd post it up.

Now on with the info...

2000 BMW 323i
Silver Exterior/Black Interior (w/ black trim)
74,500 miles

The car is older (obviously) so there's a few scratches here and there. So expect a little wear and tear. The interior is clean for the most part. The interior center piece that holds the cup holders, the black is peeling off a bit. I never thought of it as a big deal because you can easily replace it with another set, or upgrade to a different center piece.

I also have 18" rims on the car, with Nitto Neo Gens. They prob have about 3,000 miles on them. If that! It also has 15% tint on the car on all the windows.

A main reason I'm selling it is because I bought this car to save up some cash for a car I've had my eye on for a while. I'm going back to a boosted car most likely and it's almost about time to do so. On the other hand I'm not in a huge rush to sell, and if I don't get any interest than I will just keep it for a while longer.

This car has never seen snow, and was stored all last winter in a heated garage. It has a new power steering belt, and a new thermostat that also have around 3,000 miles on them as well.

The bad: One night I decided to park my car outside of a friends house. I got in good parking distance and now am wishing I decided to just park in the driveway. The gutters on the curb that are on the curb and as well on the street became a big problem that night. I ran over the part of the gutter that's in the street (no biggie, right?), well my steering sucked my car into the gutter, and you can put one and one together as to what it did. Nothing is bent, it's just scrapped up pretty good on the front passenger side wheel. If you decide to keep the 18"s on, I will knock off a few hundred for anyone to get it repaired (like I said it's scrapped, but it holds air perfectly), or you could get the rims powder coated (not needed).

Here's some pictures of the car...


- Devin
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