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**SOLD** Thanks for looking!

Im selling my SP61GT. It a direct bolt on for the 7M, using the stock manifold and downpipe, however it will not work with the BIC DDP. I bought the turbo from bigaaron about a month ago for my 7M project, but ive since decided that I don’t want to go through the hassle of rebuilding the 7M and am going 1JZ instead. The turbo was freshly rebuilt by Performance Techniques right before I bought it; it has 0 miles on it. I never even bolted it to the motor. Im including the complete oil line set and gasket for the block return as well. Im just looking to get what I paid for it so Ill let it go for 900 shipped.

From WOTM Motorsports site:
"Utilizing NEW 61mm GT compressor wheels, the SP58GT and SP61GT are designed to spool amazingly fast without sacrificing top end. Created specifically with the stock fuel system of the 4th generation Supra Turbo in mind, the SP58GT/SP61GT can push between 480-660 RWHP depending on exhaust ratio and boost being run. The SP58GT is the slightly smaller and faster spooling of the two due to a reduced exhaust turbine wheel, a perfect match for an automatic Supra, while the SP61GT will make a slight amount more power and is suitable for a 6 Spd."

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