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Asking Price: $12,500 & will consider trades (no trucks or motorcycles)
Car Location: Pinehurst / Southern Pines / Ft Bragg / Fayetteville, NC (general area, I drive all over this area)

To be upfront, I purchased the car as a stock twin-turbo swap with single-exit 3" exhaust and stock SC300 wheels in 2007 for $15,000 with (I believe) 118k miles. I am not trying to recoup the $10k put into mods / or blood/sweat/tears that went into converting it to a Single turbo setup! But the price does reflect some additional investment.

I have been debating this one for a while now and finally decided I am going to have to let one of the 2JZ's go! It's entirely too much of a money pit to have two turbo cars and while I love the sleeper effect of the Lexus, I want to put more time and effort into the Supra!

Details here, I will fill in more later when I have a bit more time.
1997 SC300 w/approximately 126k miles on the body & guessing about 65-75k on the motor, cannot say for sure as I bought the car swapped and the previous owner claimed 55k I believe. I probably put 10k miles on it max, so I am really ball-parking the mileage on that aspect.

Performance Modifications:
-WOTM Manifold
-WOTM 4" DP/MP (3" reducer for v-band on turbo)
-Precision Turbo 67mm .68AR
-FMIC (unknown brand, was on the car when purchased)
-TiAL 44mm WG with dump tube (externally vented)
-4"-> Dual 3" Stainless Steel Mandrel bent exhaust w/ Magnaflows (need prettier tips though)
-Supra Tokico Illuminati Adjustable Suspension (never touched it, was on the car when purchased)
-Valve Stems were redone about 7k miles ago, including timing belt, serpentine belt and necessary gaskets.
-MapECU (untuned)
-LC-1 Wideband (started install, had stroke, haven't touched car since)

Exterior / Interior Related:
-Lexus GS350 Wheels w/tires, approximately 1500mi on the tires.
-Stock Leather Seats in very good condition still, as is the rest of the interior minus a few minor blemishes and a couple of holes inside the center console where some wires were routed.
-Window Tint All around, couldn't tell you how much as I purchased it this way
-JL 10IB4 (Infinite Baffle) Subwoofer in the rear deck, basic 2-channel 4ohm stable pioneer amp mounted in the trunk, Clarion Head-Unit
-Paint looks fine from 10ft away, but has miscellaneous chips and dings, I believe the front bumper had been repainted though I cannot confirm this as I bought the way it is..Always looked decent to me, just not perfect.
-Some stain to the paint on the driverside rear exhaust exit area from previously having a single exhaust and burning some oil from faulty valve stems.

Ok and any additional info I can think of right now... The auto transmission is pretty beat up, it drives fine (just drove it to NC from West Florida), but it definitely should be swapped out. I can throw in a used stock auto from an Aristo motorset that I had purchased and has been sitting around or, for $1500 more, an original SP Stage 3 re-freshed last year (which cost me an additional $900 to refresh, which has sat in it's cellophane ever since).

Additionally, the stock A/C will not work with the JDM ECU, I swapped it out to the USDM ECU (OBD-I) and MapECU. With the USDM setup, the A/C works fine but I am throwing a code or two now, which I believe are associated with the speed sensor. Unfortunately while I was starting to wire up the new Wideband O2 that I bought, I had a stroke and was not able to complete the install. So, it will drive fine if swapped back to the stock O2 sensor, but right now it's in a state of partial wideband install (in place of the stocker). I will throw in the JDM ECU either way.

The car has never really seen more than 10psi or so on the PT67 just for street testing purposes to make sure the IC pipes were on tight. Because I never had time to tune it, I did not want to risk hurting anything by running much more boost on the stock injectors.

Oh, Tach works fine too! Some swapped guys had issues with that... Speedometer is probably 3-5mph off, not sure why, but I just compensate in my head.

Anyways here are the pics, I was driving the car too and from work every day...which added another 70mi a day... But then I started driving my 08 Accord since the fuel economy was better, did the MapECU install on the SC and had a stroke before I could complete the Wideband O2. So I am looking at handing it off to a hobbyist who has some time to actually take what is already there and make it fast!

I am negotiable on price but I do not need to get rid of the car, so low balling and such really wont work.. but I would rather get something else as a daily driver since my 93.5 Supra is the new toy.

Note, the Ruff Racing 278s that are in the pictures are no longer on the Lexus as I had mentioned I went to the more "sleeper" looking 18x8s from the GS350. And the first set of pics was when I still had the single 3" exhaust on it, the last couple of pics show the 4" to dual 3" setup. And the initial pics of the single install, was when I was first doing the single swap, I can't find the pics of after I completed it!


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Going to drop the price to $12,500 and see how it goes... Trying not to part it out, kind-of just want a practical stock-ish car like an RSX or Celica for the commute to work since the Supra will become the money pit.

When I get back to NC I will try to get more recent pics up, with the completed turbo install, etc, etc.
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