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1993 RX-7
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360rwhp 88 Turbo Hardtop

Price Drop: $3700 including rims, radio, and wideband

I am relisting the car because I am more serious about selling it now, and no longer want a trade. The car is in Alabama currently. I will be driving from South Carolina to New York the first week in September. I can bring the car anywhere between that area. There are a few changes to the car, I will get some new pictures up soon.

I've had this car for almost 2 years but have put less than 5K miles on it so all parts/maintenace has very low miles on it. Most of the cars value is in mods. I am listing it at $4,000. This will include the rims, a panasonic mp3/cd player and a Zeitronix ZT-2 wideband with laptop to datalog.

-upgraded CT-26
-3" intercooler pipes
-Bigaaron IC
-walboro 255lph
-Lexus AFM
-Aeromotive FPR
-3" turbo elbow/DP/Exhaust
-Magnaflow dual outlet muffler
-Spec Stg 3 Clutch
-Drilled/Slotted Brembo rotors
-Turbo XS boost controller
-HKS bypass valve (vented to atmosphere for now)
-HKS peak/hold boost gauge
-Enkei 18" RP02 rims with chrome finish
-like new Yokohama Parada tires

Changes since pictures
-removed accordian pipe
-replaced HKS mushroom filter with K&N cone filter
-Zeitronix ZT2 Wideband
-Has a panasonic mp3 cd player and 2 blaupunkt front speakers now

-no cat
-pcv is disabled, but the blowby is caught in a catchcan
-no charcoal canister
-no egr

Things removed:
-cruise control
-idle speed control (it idles fine, you set it yourself at throttle body)
-washer system (wipers still work)
-headlight washers
-ABS (was gone when I got the car)

-The car starts perfect everytime. no battery issues, no starter issues, no flooding/bogging. If it sits for months it will fire up on the first try

-Idles and drives great. Most of the time I drive it is in 5 hour blocks between Alabama and South Carolina. I have never had to stop for a problem

-The body is straight; no damage, gouges etc. just 15 year old paint. All exterior parts are there.

-I just bought a 2nd gen rx7 and it is no comparison to the supra as far as driving/handling. The supra rides smooth and comfortable, the rx7 doesn't even come close.

-Very simplified engine bay. Anything that could get moved/removed has been. It's very easy to get to most things

-Dynoed [email protected], the turbo should be good for 16-18 in its peak efficiency I am just running out of fuel. It's been driving at that power level for a couple years with no (major) problems.

-If anyone wants I also have a garage full of spare supra parts including a whole extra dissasembled engine.


-Retorqued factory HG, has held fine so far (2 years at 350rwhp) will be fine as long as you don't detonate

-Leaks oil, needs a quart about every 1000 miles.

-The car has 160k miles on it but the engine has been rebuilt once. I have no idea when though. Last year I replaced all the rod bearings in the engine. The bottom end is in fine condition, the car holds 350hp all day long, but it has some blowby. I have a spare block/.20 over pistons/rods if your planning on a rebuild

-the harness to the boost gauge has a bad connection, sometimes the gauge doesn't calibrate itself. It's over $100 gauge so I don't have the heart to replace it.

-The passenger door has a minor issue, it doesn't leak water or anything but something isn't right.

-dome light comes on when the button is pressed but not when the door is open. hasn't bothered me enough to look into it.

-air conditioning is in the car but doesn't blow cold. probably needs a charge

-i think one of the bulbs for the gauge cluster went out

more artsy pics here:

1993 RX-7
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My daily driver broke a trailing arm and I hit a guard rail. All is fixed though but I want to get rid of 2 cars now.

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1993 RX-7
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I will be moving to South Carolina for the summer in the next few days. If anyone in that area wants to look at it let me know.

1993 RX-7
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Well I'd be doing a disservice to the community to sell it any cheaper. Even though its a great car looks like I will make more money parting it out. Sad to disassemble a good running car, so I will drive it hard until it wrecks or the engine blows. This car will now be a rallycross car it looks like.

Interesting trades considered.

any rust?
Nope its not a northern car, everything is in great shape suspension/frame wise. I believe there were a couple pea sized rust spots near the drivers door that were covered long ago. No dents or dings that chipped the paint on the body. There are obviously minor chips here and there but all have been painted or covered in some way so rust won't develop.
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