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Forsale is my greddy emanage ultimate. My car is down for about a month so I will be upgrading and spending the extra grand on an aem ems and greatly cut down on wiring. I have used this ultimate for almost 2 years now. No problems that haven't been figured out. You need the injector harness and you have to clamp the incoming map sensor voltage to 3.7v so you never read an i/j input duty cycle of over 95%. I ran 26psi on this unit and pushed over 500rwhp on the stock bottom end which had well over 100k miles. My new OS Giken multi-disc seems to have walked my crank so now I am need of a new bottom end. I am willing to offer advise to help whomever buys it to get it up and working, but it's quite simple.

For sale:
Greddy Emanage Ultimate Main unit ($550 new)
Injector harness ($30 new)
3 bar map sensor ($110 new)
Autosport 1JZ wiring harness ($210 new)
Original box is a little beat up due to being in my garage over winter. As well as the unit itself has a few minor surface scratches which could probably be buffed out.

It is all wired up and ready to go. Can be installed in minutes. You will need a laptop to configure it.

Was new $900 asking $650USD plus shipping.

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