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What is your First & Last name?: Bernard nicolas
-What is your email?: [email protected]
-What is your phone number? 714 737 8874
-What is your City? : Buena park
-What is your State? : CA
-What is your Zip code? : 90620

paypal is [email protected]

ok i have this newly bored 86.5 block
hot tanked
new freeze plugs

reason for selling is i got a good deal on an engine
so you can just put it all together in your garage

i can ship but of course you have to pay for it

no pistons
no rods
no crank

with main caps

105 by nakahachi, on Flickr

104 by nakahachi, on Flickr

Supra Saiyajin IV
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Who did the engine work?

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