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I originally acquired this stuff to run on a nissan L28et but I've gone to a OBD2 nissan quest setup.

Harness, ignitor, cam sensor, resistors, and ecu.

Injectors have been sitting for two years in a box.

$150 for everything......not going to separate it because of the hassle and I prefer local pick-up since I am not a seller type of guy......just need to get rid of anything not related to my nissan projects.

Separating of parts may be considered if price is right and local pick-up is done.

In car connectors have both sides with enough for splicing if necessary.

3 orphaned wires..........doh!

ECU number.....1987/88 turbo 5 speed.

Not a big fan of superchips as I used to be the guy who provided them calibration files and really could not find a competent person there but....hey....maybe I just never met the right person.

That's probably a fuel cut defeat but not sure.

ECU was tested at Blue Streak America where I was general manager of a ECU testing and rebuild facility so I know it works and the car the parts were pulled from obviously drove to the place where it was crumpled up so...........if you buy this because you believe a component has failed on your car and none of the parts turns out to be the magic bullet that fixes your car..........then you misdiagnosed your car and the problem remains with another component on your car.

I won't be responsible if this happens as 95% of toyota ecus sent to me for testing were either OK or had been burnt by a failure of another part on the car.
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