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SOLD: HKS VPC w/ HKS Wedge Harness & Sensors

**** SOLD ****

-What is your First & Last name?: Mike La
-What is your email?: [email protected]

-What is your City? : San Diego
-What is your State? : CA
-What is your Zipcode? : 92121
-Classified Ad description :

Used but mint condition HKS VPC complete with the HKS Patch Harness which goes between the Factory ECU and ECU Harness. No need to hack up your ECU Harness and no hassle connections. Patch harness is untouched. Comes complete with the original MAP Sensor and IAT Sensor. This was running my 6-speed 97 Supra when it was on the stock injectors and stock cams. Original Owner and taken out recently out of my personal supra when I went the AEM Infinity route.



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