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FS: JLsubs, custom box, and RF amp

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(3) JL 12w0's, and a custom box, (built at a shop, not me :D)...... the box has 3 seperate chambers per sub, and i DB drag raced it, and it metered at 146.9db's. The amp is a '00 rockford punch 800a2..... and was bench tested at 1024watts

make me an offer, would like to sell ASAP, first reasonable offer takes it
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Let me know,
750$ - sold

it's yours if your serious

I have pics of the box and the subs. I'm not sure how to attach them here, but i can send them via email and/or AIM, and the amp can be seen at RF's page, keep in mind mines the previous style.
Not to try to mess with you selling your stuff but 149 dB's with 3 W0's with an 800a2? Was the box built strictly for SPL? I don't think 3 W0's could handle an 800a2 cranked up for dB competition. Maybe I'm wrong or maybe the meter was broken?

Thomas Kenyon's old setup had 3 W3's with same amp and he hit high 140's or low 150's I believe.:arcade:
well, big difference between 146 to 149 db's. It takes alot to go from 146 to 149

Anyways, the w0's are rated at 200rms, and i'm putting around 330 watts peak to each of them.

there wouldn't be much spl difference anyways between w3's to w0's when the same amount of power is provided to them.

Regardless, 750$ still stands if interested.
edit: this box is not specifically a supra box, as mkivmatt found out..... it's a generally universal box
It won't fit in a MKIV Supra is the bottom line.

Hey, how much will you sell just the subs and amp for?

well, retail for me was around 600$ for the amp, and 300$ for all three subs.......... figureing the cut of used stuff, i'd say prolly ~600$ ??? give me an offer...... or email me, we can figure something out
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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