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contact me by email please: [email protected]
The shop closed down and now comes the part out.
would like to start out with pictures on request. (ill be gathering the as i pull the stuff out and clean it all up)

AEM EMS= 850 (5bar map, DLI, GM intake temp included)
2jz aristo head (stock) = 300$
2jz jdm supra head (Built) = 1200$
--All Super Tech components 1mm oversized intake valves
--Super tech duel valves springs and retainers
--polished cam covers with -AN fittings on the vents. also -AN fitting on heater loop in the back of the head.
TH400 setup = 1800
--Adapter plates and flywheel = 700$
--Trans and 4k stall converter = 1500$
--Comes with cooler , lines, lokar dipstick, deep sump oil pan
--Trans and converter will hold 1000hp
Car chasis = 2500$ (includes Fuel cell, And "Fuel system" below)
--Just the chasis = 1800$ (fuel cell included)
--10 Point roll cage installed
--Kirkly aluminum racing seat
Drive shaft shop driveshaft = 650$
Fuel system = 600
--Eliminator pump = 150$
--880cc precision injectors = 250$
--RMR fuel rail = 150$
--Lines and fittings and regulator = 150
76mm Precision (Miles =????) 700$
GSC S3 Brand new = 650$
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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