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This is probably gonna be a parts car for someone.... its a 90 Na auto...runs and drives but has the beginning signs of rod knock.... has a clean title.

Car is basically missing a few misc interior pieces, the climate control, the mirrors, and the left and right tail lights.... this would be a great parts car for someone or for someone looking to do a 89+ front end conversion etc....

looking to sell it fast...but i also know i could get over a grand out of it if i part it out....sooooo $600 OBO takes it out the door. it WILL drive to prob wherever you need to get it...within reason of course.....

my PM box is constantly full so just post up here if you have an offer or want some info.... body wise its in bad shape but the conversion parts are pretty good with the exception of needing paint.... im selling this either as a parts car or a SEVERE project car for someone. it is white with blue cloth interior.
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