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Hello everyone,

Below is my farewell to my wonderful WRX who has brought much joy and fun to my life over the last couple years. I treated it like a child and it is time to part ways with it. I put it here as a one of a kind machine, with extreme thoughtfulness put into mods, and all loose ends tied up. Whoever does get possession of this car will be very happy with it, and enjoy it more then i can. New job forces new car and different lifestyle - so it has been garaged. It is time to pass it on to someone who will enjoy it as much as i once had the time to do. Car is fully paid for and i am not in a financial position where i need to sell it. It is garaged and not taking up space. I own a few cars. I am looking to move into a 335i BMW.

This thread is for discussion and question between buyer and seller, please respect it. The prices next to the car are prices i personally paid for the items as a reference to the seller

Basic specs:

2002 Aspen white Subaru WRX
Cyrogenically treated STI v6 RA 5MT Transmission
58,000 miles highway
Non-daily driver
Show condition, meticulously taken care of/upgraded, no scratches or no swirls, no defects
Clean title
Not one accident! or impact, no body work - outside of addition of painted lips
Door dings removed yearly by ding dent done in Boston, MA
Machine polished every 4 months (lightly) with tons of clearcoat life left without any imperfections
100K Gold warranty included
3 way Power sunroof (one of a kind bugeye mod)
2 owner (original owner bought it off the showroom floor - im also friendly with him and know the cars full clean history prior to owning it)
New window moldings and cowl, wipers, Windshelid replaced 6 months ago due to light chip

Ultimate Turn Key, Legal, Cleanest, Well sorted, Stage 4 WRX on the market


JDM STi v1 carbon fiber front lip, covered in armor coat (liquid clear bra) -$400
OEM Painted sideskirts - $100
OEM optional rear lip, diffuser repainted gloss black - 350$
STi 04 tinted taillight conversion - $175
JDM STi "Liberal" Grill - 100$
JDM STi HID with aftermarket Philip HID 6000k + PnP harness and LED parking lights to match - 800$
JDM STi hood scoop. $175
Carbon Fiber B pillars $25
Yellow Hella foglights $25

Interior: (installed within the last 4 months)

CF Trim full front and rear kit $100
LGT shift knob 5MT $40
Kartboy SS $80
OEM boost gauge $50
Infinity Basslink $175
Infinity door speakers
Full dynamatted trunk, wheelwells and front doors, for exhaust drone and speaker rattles
Security - a bypass ignition switch - good for 20% off comprehensive insurance

Wheels/Tires: (Less then 1000 miles on all this)

New 18x8.5 +45 SSR SP1 Professors Black mint with one minor scratch $1500
Potenza S-03 90% Tread, 5mm spacers for the rear, no rubbing - rolled fenders

16" Stock WRX wheels great shape 90+% all season tires. (used one winter)

Suspension: (Less then 2500 miles on all this)

RSR Down Sus Ti2000, perfect street drop $250
KYB AGX adjustables $350
Cusco front and rear sway bars, Perrin endlinks $375
Whiteline steering rack, rear differntial, Diff carrier, shifter linkage, pivot linkage bushings $150
Front and rear adjustable Whiteline camber kits $50
Perfectly corner weighted Prodrive spec'd alignment without sacrificing tire wear.


Just installed (less the 500 miles on all this)

BRAND NEW STi "Limited" Brembo front brakes, stoptech pads, Zinc plated Brembo rotors, stainless lines $800
Subaru "H6" rear brake upgrade, stoptech pads, zinc plated Brembo rotors, stainless lines $500


Original EJ205 full compression and leakdown within spec
Cyro-treated Rallispec STi RA gearbox built by XX Tuning, ACT street clutch and new '03 TSB flywheel
2004 Rear differential replaced due to light whining from factory unit
Redline Heavy Shockproof fluid in gearbox/diff
PnP VF34 $550
JDM STi pinks $275
3" B&B wrapped divorced catted downpipe (with cat in correct lower positon) $500
3" HKS Carbon Titanium exhaust $425
walbro 255 $80
JDM STi uppipe $100
PnP and coated exhaust manifolds - $75
Ebay TMIC (best revised bracket wise) with cast y pipe with oem y pipe gaskets for no leaks - $220
Hallman MBC ES - 100$
Injen CAI - 150$
Custom ICS tune - $400
Launch control 5250 rpm

Maintenence: (Im extremely anal)

New upgraded Battery (less then a year)
All services 15k, 30k, 45k with all OEM parts used.
Always ran NGK BKR7E plugs, changed every 10k with no det marks
Always ran Redline quality fluids in tranny and diff changed every 10k
Tire pressure always set and regular rotation of tires 5000 miles (even though the new set has less then 1000)
Leak tested, no boost leaks, oil leaks, coolant leaks
Every rattle, squeak fixed before bumper to bumper warrenty was up
All TBS's completed, fuel leak, cruise clip, clutch stopper clip, seatbolt, clutch shudder
Always ran Mobil 1 Syn 10w30, changed every 3k with Oem Puralator filter upgrade and crush washer
Does not burn ANY oil in between an oil change (freak bugeye)
Oem coolant flush with Redline water wetter additive (runs cool)
Always ran Mobil 1 93 octane, never anything else
Regularly seafoamed and injector cleaner, catch can made for no blow by.
A/C never used, full charge and blows cold

Detailing: (Weekly)

Power washed with Zaino cleaners the exterior, engine bay, and undercarriage, wheels, exhaust
Claybar'd with Zaino z6, dryed (by method of air, no friction)
Quarterly Zaino coats (z5 pro, AIO, CS), and periodical machine polishing if a swirl would show up.
Not a scratch, moderate chip, or sap drop/tar on this whole car
Hand polish windows inside and out every wash, door jams, dress tires and wheelwells.
Polish headlights, taillights, muffler.


Full vacuum and dressed mats, steam cleaning every month including headliner,
and seats taken out every 6 months for cleaning, full lotion dressing of plastics and
vents blown clean of dust, No smoking or food allowed in vehicle.

Turn Key vehicle:

Completed sorted out and checked twice.
Full compression motor that doesn't burn a drop of oil with all tune ups/fluids completed
10 hours of impeccable part throttle and Wide open tuning
Brand new suspension components and alignment
Brand new all 4 brake components including flush, pads and rotors
Brand new Transmission (including synchros, bearings, shift rocks, and case too) and clutch/flywheel
New rear differential (factory defect)


315whp at ICS dynojet safe 10.8 A/F (Considered a factory freak)
Came in 2nd street mod at CART CT first time out on all season tires (car is well sorted)
[email protected] at 282whp in 100 degree weather
Has not been dragged or raced on new STi trans.
24 MPG daily driven
Passes inspection here with silencer in exhaust and stock headlights (included) in place
(some garages dont notice the JDM)

Pictures: (Some may be outdated on other set of rims or without STi scoop)

Serious Inquiries only, no tire kickers or lowballers, low ball PMs or emails will be ignored. Any serious interested i can mail out full CDs of pictures of the car from stock to now. This is not a car for someone who wants a cheap bugeye. This is the car for someone who wants a time capsuled perfect shape rare white tastefully modded bugeye with all the weaknesses of the WRX eliminated in show quality.

Price: 19,500 B/O
Email: [email protected] for inquiries, please do not PM

Trades: TT Supra 6 SPD, 335I, or 07 STi + cash for difference

Thanks for looking. Please email before PM.

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