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Josh Winegar
[email protected]

Location: Bend, Oregon 97701
(Please provide a zip code when inquiring so I can get an idea of the shipping costs). PayPal is preferred method of payment.

Various parts pulled from my 1990 Supra. Previous owner said the block may have spun a bearing (I have not verified the failure). Block is in good shape, but will likely need rebuilt.

No reasonable offers will be turned down. Using the funds toward my 1J build and hopefully these parts help someone else with their 7M build. Please feel free to ask any questions and will do my best to answer them. I have close up photos of each part and can send upon request.

All parts are from a 7MGTE unless otherwise noted.

Block with crank and pistons $150.00 SOLD
Cylinder head with camshafts $300.00
R154 clutch and flywheel assembly $50.00 SOLD
Oil pan $75.00 SOLD
R154 to 7M bell housing $200.00
Power steering pump $20.00 SOLD
Power steering pump mount and adjusting bracket $30.00
Power steering pulley $20.00
Water pump pulley $20.00
Upper timing cover (rear plate) $25.00
Lower timing cover $25.00
Block/timing gear block off plate $40.00 SOLD
Coolant housing/water neck $30.00
Exhaust manifold with HKS external wastegate and T4 adapters $150.00 SOLD
Downpipe with external wastegate dump $100.00
T4 turbo (Tag on it reads T4 turbo 68 trim GSP-00563) $100.00 SOLD
Alternator (Toyota) $30.00 SOLD
Alternator drop/relocation bracket with hardware $70.00
Coolant bypass hardlines SOLD
Harmonic balancer with crank bolt $90.00
Lower timing crank gear $40.00
Cam position sensor $80.00 SOLD
Throttle body $50.00
Throttle position sensor $25.00 SOLD
Oil pump and pickup tube $30.00 SOLD
Oil pump hose with AN fittings SOLD
Fuel rail with fuel lines $30.00
Stock injectors $30.00 SOLD
Fuel return "j pipe" $20.00
Upper intake manifold $50.00
Lower intake manifold $40.00
Oil pump gear $20.00
Cam gear set $30.00
NGK plug wires $45.00
Ignition coil pack $50.00 SOLD
Igniter $50.00 SOLD







Josh Winegar
[email protected]

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Name and email required in addition to city, state and zip.


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Thank you, Ken.
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