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-What is your First & Last name?:Ben F
-What is your email?:tc gt 88 @ aol
-What is your phone number?:pM
-What is your City? :Sparks
-What is your State? :NV

Selling my old dash from my MKIV. The dash is in good shape, no rips or tears, but has separation at the window defroster vent. I'm sure it can be repaired.

Price: SOLD

I AM NOT WILLING TO SHIP. Shipping will be expensive and there is a high probability it will get damaged in shipping.

I am willing to deliver to the Sacramento area or somewhere relatively close to Reno, NV


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Not yet.

Just bought one and pick it up tomorrow!

I was told 12 available when I ordered on Sat.


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12 left period or just in country?

I saw the number at 3 a couple years back and I bought one thinking that I was out of time and based on fact that I already replaced the one in my car i was planning to sell the other at some point in future i guess but of all the parts i bought as preventive measures this one seems to be where i was wrong
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