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Hi guys,

I'm selling my '93 Competition Yellow Mica RX-7. I'm wanting to start on a new project and can't afford to have both..

The car is the R1 model, being a 5 speed, R1 strut bar, dual oil coolers, stiffer suspension, and suede like seats. The chassis has 115k miles on it. The engine was replaced at 90k miles, and the turbos at 85k.

Engine is an aggressive street port with 2mm apex seals, ported by Gotham Racing. Turbos are BNR stage 2's running non sequentially.

List of modifications:

Upper and lower intake manifolds have been ported and polished
Ported wastegate
Koyo radiator
Pettit Coolcharge III Intercooler
Red Top Optima relocated to passenger side bin
M2 carbon fiber intake box
What's left of the hoses have been exchanged for silicone
Aluminum AST
KG Parts secondary fuel rail
550cc primary and 1600cc secondary injectors
SX fuel pressure regulator
TT Supra fuel pump
Greddy Profec B Spec II boost controller
Apex'i turbo timer - only used for warming the car up in the mornings
Apex'i Power FC replacement ECU with Commander
Full stainless steel 3" straight through exhaust
Blitz Nur Spec cat back
Differential brace
ACT Street/Strip clutch

There may be other things I can't think about right now, but that seems to be it. The reason for the high miles is I've had a 50 mile commute to work every day, so the car has seen a lot of freeway time. It had a clean Carfax report when I purchased the vehicle, and has not been in any major accidents. Someone bumped me in the parking lot and there are a couple minor scuffs above the exhaust, but no dents or cracks.

It is a 12 year old car, and has some minor rock chips in the front bumper area, and not too long ago I hit a piece of tread on the highway at night which cracked the '99 R1 lip I had on it. I've since removed it and haven't gotten it replaced yet. There are a couple very small scratches and dings on the doors, but nothing very noticable at all. I get tons of compliments. Exterior is 7 or 8 out of 10.

Interior is in very good condition, with no fading or cracking of the dash or other pieces. Seats are in excellent condition, with no wear on the seat bottoms or by the seat belt holder. Floor mats are a little worn, but not noticably at all. It has the stock tape deck/cd player, with Cerwin Vega component speakers mounted very professionally in the doors, and Cerwin Vega's in the rear as well.

It drives very good, but needs an alignment after a pot hole incident couple weeks ago. It injects a normal amount of oil, appx 1 qt every 1000 miles.

Chris Ott of Rotary Performance in Garland tuned it very safe (I didn't want it blowing up on me before I sold it). At 1 bar of boost running around 10.0 afr's it makes 335 rwhp. I'm sure leaning it out to mid 11's and upping the boost to 17 psi it would make around the 380-390 range. Back when I was running it on that boost I took it to the 1/4 mile once, and ran a 12.4 at 117 mph. That was giving less than 50% throttle in 1st and 2nd gear because of wheel hop. I've since put in a differential brace that has removed almost all wheel hop. Never got another chance to take it to the strip though. Should be good for mid to high 11's with a good driver tuned for higher boost.

Here's a picture, and there are tons more high res pictures at

If you have any questions, pm me here or call my cell at 214.403.4918.

The price is $18,000.



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cavell said:

Apex'i turbo timer - only used for warming the car up in the mornings

Good luck on sale...but quick question...what exactly does the above mod/statement mean?? You warm up the car with a turbo timer? :scratch:

Maybe I'm using my turbo timer backwards...

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There's nothing good about letting your car idle with warm air coming into the intake after hard driving. To cool my turbos I always drive w/o boost for a few minutes prior to arriving at my destination. Cools them much better with cold, fresh air coming into the car.

So the only time I use it is in the mornings to let the car warm up before driving. I'll just start the car, pull the keys out and finish getting ready while the timer counts down.

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Thanks for the responses. I don't really want to get rid of it, but I need to in order to build my 5.0 Miata.
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