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FS: NEW t series tubos

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guys, i have a line on new t series turbos, T62, 64, 66, 70, 72 all for 950 plus shipping. they do not come with the turbonetics polished houings, and the T76 is 1100 plus shipping. they all come with a 1 year warantee, and pics can be seen at ignore the prices there, and if you are interested at would like to purchase at the prices listed above, contact me directly at [email protected] aim is tom1025811
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are you serious ??!?!?!?!

ok i seen the top name brands for the t-series go for 'bout 3-10 grand they are top of the line turbos .....just out of curiousity why are these so cheap and are they as reliable and quick as the rest of the other names?????? p.s. i'm not tryin' to be a dick only cuz im considering on getting one but i wanna know where m moneys going you know ?
seriously, why in the hell would you post this in the friggin tech section.

iamthasupra- i dont know where you are gettin 3-10 grand for a turbo at..the turbos he is selling usually go for around 1100-1300 depending.
im posting here cause i just fell into some good deals, and I want to pass it onto as many people as i can. These turbos are not an entire kit like the ones that go for much more. They are just as good as the turbonetics turbos, infact, the guy that builds them used to use turbonetics housing, then he became fed up with turbonetics bs, and goes with garret housings that are unpolished, and they work just as well, and they come with a one year warantee. If you are interested, you can look up the specs on a turbonetics turbo, and email me the details, and i can get a price quote as to how much it would be to have it built.

email is [email protected]
Whose black MKIV is that on your homepage? I think i've seen that one around Doylestown. Did the owner purchase that car recently?

What are the mods if any besides exhaust?? :)
its a kid named jared, hes on the forum. hes 17, and just got the car. has 11k miles on it. mint condition. has a system, and hes going to be going single turbo summertime, hopefully.
17 years old, low mileage mint condition TT, going single over the summer?? Must be nice...
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