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SOLD: NIB AEM C2DI unit comperable to HKS TwinPower!

ok, as per always when i buy something i dont need for my car something expensive on it breaks and this time round, well its no diffrent.
i just bought this brand new AEM C2DI unit off of a friend who had it laying on his shelf because he had bought it but already had an hks twin power, why he bought it i dont know but he wanted to unload it so i took it off his hands.
and as i said before when i buy something unneeded something expensive breaks on my car, and now the pinion bearings are going out in the rear dif, not fun.
the unit is complete and new in the box, includes instruction manuals and the silly butt connectors that aem supplies with the unit (solder and shrinkwrap please...).
for you aem guys i understand that when you go to wasted spark setup you have to add in a hks twinpower dli to up the spark so you can ignite those awesome 30psi charge pressures...this unit will do the same thing at a fraction of the cost.
im asking 350$ for the unit as its brand new in the box and thats not terribly far from what i paid for it, this is a 500$ unit if you were to go buy it from some retailer.
item is located in charlotte,nc and will ship anywhere as long as the buyer pays shipping; paypal is also accepted as long as the buyer pays the 3.5% fees incured.
ive attached a few pics of the unit for sale, email me at [email protected] with any questions or aim @ psykodragoon.
thanks again!

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