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2004 Honda TRX300EX ATV

This quad has been a blast to ride. I got it about 4-5 months ago off my friend who bought it brand new from Honda. It has a total of about 30 hours on it, I only rode it for about 3-5 hours MAX! The reason for that is because the trails that I go to, recently got shut down and I have no where to really ride it anymore. Also, with work, I rarely get any time on the weekends to ride, so it just sits for most of the time. I’ve taken it out about maybe 5 times this entire winter (mainly when it snowed). This is just a blast to ride in the trails and handles very well.

I changed the oil and oil filter on it twice so far, once when I originally bought the quad, and about 3 weeks ago after I rode it. Also during the last oil and oil filter change, I took the K&N Filter off and cleaned that and re-oiled that as well.

The quad needs nothing, but does have light scratches/marks from trail riding. Also, the top plastic piece around the handlebar is slightly cracked (very small, please see pics). It is only cosmetic and can be replaced for about $50. It never bothered me, so I never changed it since it didn’t affect anything.

Only add-ons to the quad is a White Bros. Exhaust and a K&N Air Filter.

Included with the sale will be

- Helmet
- Riding Gear (boots sz. 11, pants sz. 34, shirt sz. lg, gloves)
- Extra set of tires for the rear
- (3) Genuine Honda Oil Filters

PRICE: $3000!!!

Also, trades are welcome. :)

Located on Long Island, New York
Can help arrange delivery if you’re near by within a certain distance

Any questions please pm me. Thank you!!

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