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We have finished the remodeling of our house (finally) and are going to move to VA. Because of the housing market we think we may have to rent our current house so I could use cash on the other end towards the down payment on our next house. Because of this I am looking to either sell the Porsche or trade it for something more suitable for daily driving and will at that point sell my truck which is ridiculous at the pump these days.

Car is a 1992 Porsche 964 C4 AWD Turbo. Porsche did not make an AWD turbo at this time so this car was commissioned to be built by a VERY reputable Porsche race shop and was modelled after the owners car which was killing the competition on the track. There was over $75k invested into the build of this car in 1998 followed by more over the years. Askin $35k or trade worth $35-40k

59k (have to look at the reciepts, but prob only 10-15k on the engine)
Here are some of the mods:
Fully built Engine producing 526WHP and 539 torque on 14 lbs of boost can provide dyno sheets to serious buyers.
Custom TPC T-61 turbo kit
Cup Car brake package
8 puck clutch
TPC Race Suspension set up including, but not limited to H&R turbo springs and Bilstiens Full bolt in cage
Momo Acropolis Seats (time to be recovered)
RS lightweight Can Can Red Carpet
RS lightweight Can can Red door panels
Built in Valentine Radar System :)
RSR Lmt Ed lightweight wing
Greddy Profec B Boost Controller
Sway bars
Strut tower brace
935 Boost Gauge
Lexan rear qtrs currently in the rear (have Glass if prefered)

Sorry for the dirty and crappy pics...


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If sold for asking price (or close) I will purchase the buyer a new set of MOMO, Sparco, or other racing seats (within reason) and a full detail. Maintenance was recently done to include, but not limited too, new clutch, belts, fluids, and valve adjustment. Car was mechanically inspected and given a clear bill of health.

Open to offers. This is a unique and special car and there are only a couple of air cooled awd 3.6 turbos in the U.S.!
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