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Hi guys,

Got these for sale and I don't really want to ship them state side due to weight and size. These are both in Lethbridge Alberta so no customs, or expensive shipping!

Rod Millen Motorsports 3" Downpipe
* Brand New

Custom made the flange myself, and TIG'd by none other! Its a 100% perfect fit for RHD Supra's running the stock twin turbo's. Also made a block off plate for the 2nd O2 sensor on the USDM models.

I don't know of any drop in downpipes on the market for JDM Supra's so this is a great upgrade for those guys that want to stay twin and make some more power and gain responsiveness!

$300.00 + shipping



HKS Hi-Power Exhaust
*Used with about 3000kms

3" piping with 4" tip, slight scuffing on underside of muffler from installation other than that its in mint condition, all piping is grey ceramic coated.

$400.00 + shipping

Pictures: Dirty in pictures from sitting on the car over winter, but I will have it cleaned up prior to shipping



Going to swing by the garage and I will load up pictures later today


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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