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FS: Seibon carbon fiber hood - Renaissance red

-Name: Kyle Smith
-Email: [email protected]
-Phone number? PM
-City: Enid
-State: OK
-Price: $875

Excellent condition. Painted renaissance red. Paint has no swirls, cracks, ext. It looks like it was just painted. 9.9/10. The only minor imperfection in the paint is an extremely small (seriously minute) scuff along the front edge. It's so small my camera barely picks it up. See the photo with my finger. Damn near impossible to see, even in person. So small that I doubt anyone would have noticed it had it not been mentioned.

Hood has hookups for windshield washer fluid as well as side hooks for factory style mounting. No hood pins needed. All you need is to mount the factory latch and mount it exactly like the OEM hood.

FYI, the bottom has two wood boards bolted to the mounts and the top is leaning against the metal hooks, not the paint.
Don't want people thinking it's sitting/leaning on the edges and scratching the paint.


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