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Decided to go AEM so my stock 6spd ECU is for sale - Tentatively SOLD

MAP ECU v.2.1 with 720cc map already on it. No cd or temp sensor but the software can be downloaded from the website and you can order the sensor from there if you feel the need to use it.... most people dont. The wiring harness for the MAP ECU is soldered into a Fields Harness as well as a BCC and I want to sell it as a package - MAP ECU - Fields Harness - BCC - $700 shipped

3" SP Engineering DP, had a flex section but it tore so I had a solid section welded on. Already tapped for EGT probe and has a wideband o2 bung welded on. $150 shipped

Stock BOV - $30 shipped

Stock rear wing, Black - $100

Stock Turbo upper piping, I circled what pipes I am selling in the attatched pic. I have all the pipes off except the very rear one which will have to wait until I get the turbos and manifold off before I can unbolt it. Sop if anyone wants to reserve them until I get the manifold off feel free. Looking for $200 obo shipped

No pics of anything as I lent my camera out and can't get ahold of the guy.

piping pic-

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