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what is your First & Last name?: Charlie Doe
-What is your email?: [email protected]
-What is your phone number? : 802-309-9978
-What is your City? : Milton
-What is your State? : VT
-What is your Zip code? : 05468

Over winter I've upgraded my car to have an 8.8 rear end and ball bearing turbo so I no longer need any of this stuff.

1995 Supra TT Automatic Diff - It has 86k original miles on it. Stock LSD (I turn one side, other side turns same direction). miles on it. I cleaned it up some 2 years ago when I installed a T56 Magnum trans in my car. It has strongflex 90 shore poly bushings in the front ears. I've had no issues with it. - $1300 Willing to ship as well (~$75-150 depending on how far you are from Vermont)

*For an extra $200 I'll include the oem rear axles too (ABS tone rings were removed)

Driveshaft Shop 4" Aluminum driveshaft - Has about 500 miles on it. This was used with a T56 Magnum to the Supra TT Auto diff mentioned above. If you are a T56 Magnum F it will be too short. If you don't have a T56 Magnum to Supra auto trans, maybe you can swap yokes and use it for some other custom application. From my understanding driveshafts can be made shorter but not longer. Overall length is 41 1/2". The rear diff adapter it came with is 15/16" wide. If you plan on swapping out the yokes, the driveshaft is 33 3/8" measured from the center of each hole for the universals. - $400

Turbonetics 61mm Journal Bearing turbo - I believe this is what use to come on the PHR Stage 1 turbo kits. T4, divided, 4" inlet, 3" vband outlet. It came on my car (original sale ad here: '95 Supra - Super white TT built auto - 86k miles) No in/out shaft play. There is a tiny bit side to side. It was ran with a 4AN oil supply and 10AN oil return. - $500

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