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I have a 1987 toyota supra targa turbo
the car has 181k
It just got a new cometic headgasket, w/ arp studs, ALL gaskets replaced on the motor, new radiator, lots of newer parts have been installed when the car was getting the headgasket replaced.
it is pearl white w/ blue interior.
the cars runs like a dream, it is my daily driver, and since the headgasket has not given me one problem, What so ever! it runs like a brand new car.
and it gets around 230-260 to the tank! it does have a few flaws, the front bumper paint is faded and has some stress cracks, there is a few tiny paint chip (pea size) on the front ds fender, and there is a few other small spots where the paint has chipped and it was covered with touchup paint, also the paint on the rear bumper is alil faded, the ebrake does not work (the line was streched and it snapped, it is like a 20$ fix )it needs a new slave cylander ( it drives 100% fine, but there is no freeplay in the clutch pedal, I have driven it like this since b4 the headgasket and it is fine, but I was told the reason it has no freeplay was the s.c.) the transmission shifts good, it will scratch going into 3rd at verry high rpms, and sometimes scratch alittle when downshifting into 2cnd. the clutch is fine and does not slip one bit. the interior is what you would expect from a 1987 toyota, it is deff. not showroom, but it isnt too bad, there is a rip in the p.s. right side bolster, and on the d.s. floor the carpet is stained from something, It was like brown oily when I got it, then I was a dipshit and tried to use some strong spot remover on it, and it stained it.

there is no cracks in the dash or anything, all the lights work yada yada, the ONLY problems it has, are what I listed. this really is a good car.
the mods are ( off the top of my head)

cometic hg, arp studs, turbo xs knock off bov, k&n fipk,
mbc ( set at 11psi, stock is 6.5 ) , 3" downpipe, full 3" custom exhaust (no cats)
with a old school hks high power muffler, intrax springs, tokiko HP shocks,
17x7 msr wheels (will need new tires soon, but I will include a set of 245,45,17s
with 40% tred left with the car) it has the "sogi" shift mod, r1 knob, boost gauge,
turbo timer, older alpine deck, pioneer speakers all around, there is other things but I cant think of them all right now,
as the car sits it should be doing around 260-280rwhp, I havnt dynoed it but there is tons of people on who have same mods and dyno around those numbers,

I have all records for this car, and it has been verry well maintained, I change the oil every 3k and not 1mile over.
for factory stuff, it has
3.70 gears, with a clutch pack lsd
electric 8way seats, "super monitor" displays mpg,fuel range,consumption and other things, this car orig. had the auto adjusting suspension, but it is no longer functioning with the aftermarket setup I have.
there is alot of stuff I am forgetting but if there is anyquestions please ask.
this is a verry solid, very reliable, quick, fun car.
I realy hate to see it go, but I miss my rotaries

I will let the pics say the rest....

here you can see the condition of the paint on the front bumper

here is the most recent pics I have

if you want specific pics just let me know, and please ask any and all questions

The car is having some tranny or clutch issues, I dont have the time or money to fix it, here is a thread explaining more

looking to get 3800 !OBO!

located in lincoln nebraska

I need this gone now

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btw the car drives fine, it is just hard to get in and out of gear, and is making the noise described in the thread
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