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-What is your First & Last name?: Tyler Truong
-What is your email?: [email protected]
-What is your phone number? 714-403-6959
-What is your City? : Irvine
-What is your State? : CA
-What is your Zipcode? :

Looking to sell my T56 Magnum kit from Grannas Racing. Had it for less than 1k miles. The reason was simple, it was just not OEM. So I am looking to sell this kit to purchase a v160/v161 kit. If anyone would like to trade, I would be very open to it.

Looking for $7500 obo
Buyer would pay for shipping fees.

Kit comes with:
GR700 T56 Magnum transmission kit (driveshaft, bellhousing, etc.)
Mcleod Hybrid RXT twin disc clutch
Tilton 6000 Series hydraulic throwout bearing
ARP Toyota Flywheel Bolts
Tilton Clutch Master Cylinder adapter kit
GR Pilot bearings
Billet Alignment Tool
Grannas Racing Fabricated Tunnel cover
Dakota Digital Signal Translator
MKIV 6-speed brake pedal
MKIV Supra Clutch Pedal Assembly
MKIV Supra Manual Transmission Interior Panel Supra "OEM Style" shift knob


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You're missing all of your information and price

Mind if I do a J?
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I can vouch for seller.
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