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FS: White '95 T78 6spd (SOLD!)

I believe it is time for me to part with my project. Its a original white 1995 T78 and I have owned this car since July 27th, 2001. I have loved every moment of it! When I bought the car in New Jersey, it had approximately 55k miles on it, completely stock and never modified. I put the T78 on it in '04. From the time I bought it, I have put close to 41k miles on it. As it sits (i havent looked at it in a few weeks) it has around 96k miles on it. The only internal modifications are the HKS cams which are listed below. I also replaced the valve stem seals when I put the cams in about 9 months ago. As of recent, I believe I have a slight knock in the engine because I hear some ticking in the engine. I havent bothered to check it since I havent driven the car in a while. I have driven it on the track about 20 times and I cant find the time slips, but the best run I had was back in '03 at the Dinwiddie race track in VA. The time was 12.88 at 114mph. This, was when I had the automatic in the car. I have never taken the car to the track with the 6spd in it.
When I bought the 6spd and put it in the car, I noticed some problems with the shifting and a small leak of tranny fluid. It ended up being the shift rod that came out the back of the tranny. I took the tranny to Abacus Racing and had that replaced about a year and a half ago. Since then, I have put the T78 on, the AEM EMS, AEM wideband, and LS1 coil packs and custom wires. The most boost that I pushed so far was 18psi.Im sure there's so much more that I cant remember so feel free to PM me and ask me any questions. The reason why I am selling the car is because I plan on purchasing a house. Also, I work so much that I dont get much time to work on it as much as I used to. Here is a some info on the car.
A few shots taken this afternoon:


-T78 Turbo kit
-Boost Logic turbo wrap
-Greddy 3row Intercooler
-PWR Radiator
-HKS 4inch Titanium exhaust
-Custom trac butterfly removal (had a machinist friend make the block offs)
-LS1 coil packs w/custom spark plug wires
-Greddy oil filter relocation kit
-JUN cam gears
-HKS Type II racing blow off valve
-HKS 264 intake and exhaust cams
-FAL Dual Fans
-TRD Thermostat


-CP Pistons 20 over bore
-Clevite 77 Complete Engine Bearing Kit for 1993-98 Supra//Standard Size Rod Bearings
-ARP Head Stud Kit for 1993-98 Supra
-Power Enterprise Timing Belt for 1993-98 Supra
-Powerhouse Racing Solid Engine Mounts for 1993-98 Supra
-ARP Main Crank Stud Kit for 1993-98 Supra
-CP Piston Rings for 1993-98 Supra


-880cc injectors
-two intank Walbro 255 fuel pumps
-custom fuel rail (machining done by Abacus Racing in Va. Beach Va.)
-Aeromotive FPR
-Two stainless steel -6AN feed to both ends of the fuel rail
-One stainless steel -6AN return line
-Two inline Aeromotive fuel filters


-3.5bar map sensor
-AEM wideband oxygen sensor
-Autometer Cobalt Series electronic EGT,Fuel pressure, Oil pressure, and Boost gauges (EGT,Fuel pressure, and oil pressure gauges not installed)
-Blitz SBC-DC Boost controller
-Battery cut-off switch behind rear lisence plate


-Auto to 6spd swap
-ACT Clutch (about 9k miles on it)
-RPS pressure plate (same as above)
-Modified driveshaft to fit 6spd transmission and automatic rear end
(bought from a supraforums member)
-Stock axles
-Stainless steel clutch line

Brakes/ Chasis:

-Hawk HP Pads
-Power Slot rotors
-Stainless steel lines
-Super blue break fluid
-Cusco Carbon Fiber Strut tower brace
-Stock calipers painted red

Wheels/ Tires:

-SSR 18x8.5 front / 18x9.5 rear
-Front-245/40/18 ---Rear-275/45/18 KDW's


-Momo steering wheel
-Gauge pod (fits 3 gauges)
-No rear seats
-Aluminum Race Pedals

-Blitz side skirts (not painted)
-Do-Luck late model front bumper (not painted)
-Veilside rear side skirts (not installed)
-’98 headlights and turn signals
-Do-Luck rear diffuser (not installed)
-Trial hood (not installed/already prepped for paint)

Panasonic CD/MP3 player

One thing that I found out after I had bought the car, as that it was evidentally in a collision. The driver side rear quarter panel had evidentally been hit and repaired. I found that out after the fact as you will see in the pictures. I took the car to Priority Toyota and had this repaired. Here are the before and after pictures:


And the passenger side of the font bumper on the bottom has some damage from those concrete stops in parking lots. I pulled too far up one day and it damaged the bottom. Someone also backed into the front bumper and cracked it just inder the driver side headlight.

I have quite a few pictures located at

My asking price is $19,200. Although this may seem high at first, I believe with some TLC, you will be proud to own this car. I am open to critisizm and praise for whatever reason. There are many people who have spent more time in the supra scene than I have so I expect all types of feedback. If I have forgotten anything, let me know.

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I think the price is perfect, this shouldn't last long. Good luck with the sale... If this is available in a week, you'll be hearing from me....

Good luck

Bad Texan Boy
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I think it's a fair price.

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There is no salvaged title on this vehicle. The only thing that I can think of that would be on a carfax report would be the rear quarter panel damage that I had fixed at a local dealership. I have pictures of that in the link. The car is also paid off and I have the title.

AZ RuleZ!!!!!
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Is the car still available??? Please LMK...
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