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Hey guys ..
we have just hooked up EVO 8 565cc low impedence injectors along with 6 ohms honda resistors (2 due to 6 injectors). and started the car using VIPEC v88 basemap setup for 440cc stock injectors.
every thing is smooth but whats odd here is that with the evo injectors , the car is running super rich at idle when we set the base fuel pressure to 39psi.
on the similar setting with stock injectors we ran fine.
Also before going standalone , the car was on stock ecu and afc neo setup which also required -22% taken out but the fuel pressure needed to 18psi or 20 psi .. the moment we set it to 30+ psi the car was uncontrolable using the afc limits.

i have a standalone now.
but my tuner says that the injectors are not behaving as they behave in an evo 8.. he is an experienced evo guy.

THis is his first supra tune..

Are we missing something ??
i have low impedence injectors wired with resistors which is the way it shud be .. double checked all the wiring and resistences..

I will appreciate response and guidance here ..

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