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fuel cut with BCC

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I just installed a DP yesterday and ran it hard. I installed a BCC last month first. For some reason I'm getting fuel cut at around 17psi. I thought BCC prevents fuel cut? ... When I tried to set up the BCC I could only get a 4.1 V reading on the voltmeter when i turned the screw all the way. Could that be the reason for the fuel cut. Also, i'm not sure if the vsv mode was already done to my car before I bought it. But that shouldn't affect fuel cut, just boost, right?
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Just to add, if the BCC was not working at all then I shouldn't even get to 17 psi, right? Should cut of at around 14psi.
That's wierd, I got to 4.29 much before it was all the way... Yeah I think that's why you're still hitting cut since the setting is not that close to 4.3v...
setting the BCC voltage too low will not cause boost cut, but your car will not be getting the proper boost signal that it needs to pre-spool the #2 turbo and switch over to 12v fuel pump mod.
If you could only get the BCC to 4.1 volts, either there is something wrong with the BCC or the way you measured it. I would double check the BCC per the instructions on with a working volt meter.
I ran my dawg for about a month with just bleeder T before installing the BCC. On several occasions I boosted as high as 17psi, without ever hitting fuel cut.
So yes, it is possible your BCC isnt hooked up properly.
Are you sure it's fuel cut you're hitting, and not just missing (a la overgapped plugs) at high end?
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