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fuel dampener bypass removal?

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i took out thje egr pipe and now i get a lower idle . i take it cause the extara air thats going in. im talking about the tube that goes threw the intake manifold cutting you airflow by like 20percent maybe more. anyways i know there kit to replace the fuel dampener which is a bottleneck in the tin turbo. people who have it said they get a rought idle with it. so i figure that is cause of the more fuel being delivered at idle. would this mod counter act the more air i have at idle and open throttlw. i now alot of you are going to have no clue but for you supra guru's help me out.

this picture isnt mine but it shows the diffwerence between the two lines. heres the link to the page with all the info on it out. thats whatsim thinking. any one know?
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