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what tools are needed to replace a fuel filter, i bet the one on my car has not been changed ever so I figure i should replace it, what is needed to do this, besides the filter?

also wondering for people that paid to have it done, how much you were charged?

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fuel filter change

I just did this last weekend. It's a piece of cake.

1. Pull the fuel pump connector which is right next to the top left of your spare tire.
2. Try to start the car a few times to use some of the fuel in the fuel line.
3. Get under car and remove filter.

Before you begin, make sure your filter came with two new washers, or gaskets as they call them, as the FSM doesn't recommend reusing the old ones. These go on the 17 mm bolt.

If I not mistaken, you'll need a 10mm socket, a 14mm open ended monkey wrench, and a 17 mm open ended monkey wrench to do the job.

Remove the 14mm bolt first, and do it slowly to release the pressure in the line. Very little gas will spill out. Then the 17mm bolt, and lastly the 10mm bolts holding the filter to the car.

All in all, it's a 20 minute job.

If you don't have the FSM, and want more detailed instructions, let me know.

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Hell, get under the car and loosen the lines that connect to the filter. Keep it simple, get some gas on the floor and call it a day. :D
Its a simple job that you should be able to do without the FSM. Make sure to have the fresh gaskets though, fuel leaks are not good.
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