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So I asked this in another thread with little response, but currently I am running a DaveH PT52 kit base kit running base boost at 5psi with an AFCII. I have stock fuel and stock exhaust. This summer I'm looking at either an HKS Ti 4" or BL 4", I'm putting on the 525cc injectors I have, my 3mm headgasket, and my Walbro pump as well as getting it tuned at 1 bar.

My question is this, I have been considering just going AEM because in the next couple years, I'm hoping to get the car pretty wild (R154 or V160, DaveH intake manifold, maybe a swap to a tubular manifold with a T67 minimum). However, I could save money if I just went ahead and did the AEM now. So if I wanted to install the AEM, could I still run my AFCII with the new summer mods and the 15 psi tune or is it not substantial enough (read: will it need a VPC with that much boost and fuel)

I've been looking at the VPC/AFC combo and have been planning on it, but how does it stack up against the MAP ECU?

And a little off topic, but an exhaust question, I've noticed, all BPU's have a rougher sounding exhaust, but singled Supras have a smoother tone. I assumed this was from the exhaust manifold, but seeing as how all of the BPU->APU have tubular style manifolds, what will the exhaust tone sound like with the log manifold as found in the DaveH kit? I have always prefered the smoother sound of the singled Supra, but just curious, is it going to give me a rough sound like the BPU TT's or smoother sound like the singled APU's?


Bryan M.
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